Winegrowers from father to son since 1935

Vendangeurs d'époque

The idea of founding a cooperative cellar came from Roger Tabusteau (the first president of the Côtes de Bourg Winegrowers Association) in 1931. At that time, the aim was to help owners of small vineyards to make sure they could benefit from  efficent winemaking and ageing facilities. This had the added advantage of reducing production costs. However, the main purpose in creating the cooperative was to achieve recognition for the Bourg appellation, despite the very big differences in quality at the time. The cooperative therefore became  a major factor in improving quality, promotion and, consequently, winegrowers' income.

In the Bourg area, 5 cooperatives were created between 1935 and 1938, 4 of which now belong to Alliance Bourg:

  • Pugnac: 1935
  • Tauriac (merged with Bourg in 1993): 1936
  • Lansac: founded in 1936 by 10 winegrowers
  • Aubie: founded in 1939 by 7 winegrowers

The cooperatives proved an immediate success.