Grappe Merlot

Merlot is fruity and round

This is the most widely-planted grape variety and has a high quality potential in most soils because it is an early-maturing variety. However, although it ripens well, Merlot is also sensitive to grey rot. This variety gives color and a high alcohol content to the wine, making it supple and round  and develops aromatic qualities fairly quickly.


Cabernet Sauvignon provides the wine with structure and ageing potential.

It is a late-maturing variety, well-suited to hot, dry, and gravelly soils. It resists grey rot well and provides regular measured production. Very aromatic when young, Cabernet Sauvignon wines have good tannin and can that age extremely well, becoming rich and complex with a harmonious bouquet.


Cabernet Franc is freshen and fruity

The wines have a good degree of alcohol and polyphenol content, and can age well. This variety's elegant aroma is particularly appreciated.


Malbec is rich and powerful

Also called Côt or Auxerrois, Malbec is an early-ripening variety that produces powerful wines with a deep colour and good ageing potential.


Sauvignon Blanc is aromatic and vivacious

Sauvignon Blanc wines have a very brilliant pale yellow colour and a fresh bouquet with mineral, citrus and white flower aromas. This variety is fresh, crisp,  and much-appreciated as an aperitif and with seafood.